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Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Standoff stories differ
Police: ‘exigent circumstances’ called for immediate action
John Scalesi/Herald
NCPD SWAT officers outside of the Old Mill Court complex last week.

Last week, the Herald reported on an incident in Rockville Centre in which a Nassau County Police Department SWAT team forcibly entered a home on Old Mill Court after the village Police Department received a tip about a man with a gun inside.

According to eyewitnesses, however, the Rockville Centre Police Department’s account of what happened doesn’t match what they saw.

According to what village police officials told the Herald, they received a tip from a reliable source that a man in the Old Mill Court complex had a gun. When officers arrived at the scene, they said, the man and two others fled into an apartment. Police later learned that a woman and a baby were inside as well. Police said that none of the men lived in the apartment.

But according to its resident, Cathy Mitchell, who was not at home at the time, that was not what happened. The three men were her son and two of his friends, and there was no gun. “My son was in the house with his baby, his girlfriend, my daughter and his girlfriend’s friend,” Mitchell said. “My 15-year-old daughter tried to leave, but couldn’t.”

Mitchell’s daughter couldn’t leave, she said, because RVCPD officers were arresting her son’s two friends on Mitchell’s stoop after they voluntarily came out of the apartment, but her son remained inside. Video taken by a witness shows the two men face-down on the stoop, asking the police what they had done while they were being handcuffed and an officer searched a bag. In the short video, the officers did not answer.

Other residents of the complex said they saw what was going on and called Mitchell’s son. He then called his mother, and she told him not to go out while she called a lawyer. “My son notified me right away,” she said. “I was in Brooklyn, at my other son’s basketball game. I told them not to go outside.”

Because Mitchell’s son would not come out — and because RVCPD officers had been told not only about the gun, but about the baby, they called in the county SWAT unit, and the standoff began.


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The RVC Police were wrong AGAIN!!

Saturday, August 16, 2014 | Report this

Our Police Comish is out 0f control!! He will have to answer on this one YOU NEED A WARRENT!! cant continue to make things up!! Roxen Rd remember that one he convicted those kids when it happen the next day he was on the phone with the school thyank God we have a GOOD supt of schools Dr Johnson who believes and understands our Costitution!! The Police comish DONT!! He made up a bunch of LIES!! the injuries and all THANK GOD FOR OUR COURTS This last one is going to cost RVC a Lot Of MONEY$$$$--We don't need the Marines in RVC and in the same breath

he complains about the cost the Village pays NCPD!! Thank God for the NCPD! We have the Best Mayor a Villge would want--we got to get rid of yhe COMISH---soon as we can!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014 | Report this
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