Village warns of scam


The Village of Rockville Centre is warning business owners and residents about a reported scam targeting electric customers of the village. The village said that over the last few days, multiple restaurant owners have reported that they have received telephone calls from a person claiming to be from the village’s Electric Department. The caller tells the restaurant owners that they will shut off their electric unless they pay their outstanding bills immediately in cash. The caller then attempts to arrange a meeting for the cash payment. This caller does not work for the Electric Department and is engaged in an attempt to defraud business owners and residents.

The village wants all commercial and residential customers of the Electric Department to be aware of this ongoing scam and to immediately alert the Rockville Centre Police Department at 678-9387 if contacted by someone threatening to shut off electric service unless cash payments are issued. Under no circumstances should you arrange to pay cash to anyone threatening to shut off your electric. If you have any questions, please call the village’s Electric Billing Unit at 678-9323.