Letters to the Editor: Lynbrook, East Rockaway


Recognizing Lynbrook students’ journalistic excellence

To the Editor:

Congratulations to the student staff of Lynbrook High School’s Horizon newspaper for winning five Quill Awards in one of the largest high school journalism award competitions in the tristate area. What’s even more fantastic is that the paper took a first place honor for Most Outstanding Newspaper. 

These achievements speak to the wonderful education and background in a host of interdisciplinary skills such as journalism, computer layout, illustration and photography learned in and out of the classroom. The students, their parents, advisers and educators have much to take pride in. To be among a select few of more than 300 students in more than 30 schools across Long Island to earn this prestigious recognition is worthy of the highest praise and admiration.

The future looks bright for the next generation of journalists, correspondents, Herald contributors and members of the media.


Anthony Santino

Town of Hempstead supervisor

. . .

Angered by Senate’s actions

To the Editor:

I am shocked and outraged that Senate Republicans pushed through the confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court — and even changed the rules to do it.

Turning back the clock on the Senate tradition that sought to garner bipartisan support in confirming Supreme Court nominees, conservatives in Congress instead chose to force Gorsuch’s appointment.

Gorsuch’s confirmation tips the court toward an extreme position that could have a dangerous, detrimental and disproportional impact on women and people of color — not just across the country, but right here in Nassau County.

As a faith leader, I am deeply troubled that the Senate majority invoked the “nuclear option,” as it sets a precedent of exchanging the rights of the people for political gain. Indeed, the strength of our republic depends on a set of rules that ensures justice. Those rules have been tossed aside.

As citizens, we must speak out and stand up for the tenets of democracy that were designed to protect all of us, not just those in power. We cannot let elected leaders or judges in Washington, D.C., trade our rights away.

Judy Cohen-Rosenberg

Rabbi, Community Reform Temple of Westbury

Board member, Planned Parenthood of Nassau County

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Town nepotism? Probably yes

To the Editor:

Re “Santino calls on Ambrosino to resign after arrest” (April 6-12), I have to comment that Town Supervisor Anthony Santino is a good guy — as is Councilman Anthony D’Esposito — but how does Mr. Santino have “zero tolerance” for the “slightest appearance of impropriety” when half of Mr. D’Esposito’s family is on the town payroll?

Legal? Probably yes. Appearance of nepotism and impropriety? Probably yes also.

Dick Newman