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We have known Lynda since our children attended nursery school together. Lynda is an active, concerned and caring parent and also an accomplished professional. As a Certified Public Accountant with over 20 years of experience at Ernst & Young, a major international accounting firm, Lynda is well qualified to help formulate and implement the annual school budget, review and analyze complex financial issues facing the school district and assist in the collective bargaining process with district employees.

In an era of continued economic slowdown that strains the finances of taxpayers and school districts alike, it is critical to ensure the fullest possible public awareness of — and engagement in — the budgeting and financial process. Lynda will bring financial acumen, fresh insight and transparency to the budgeting process. She has significant experience doing so in her professional life, as well as a member of the Citizen’s Advisory Board for the village budgeting process. We know Lynda to be intelligent and level-headed, with sound judgment and the requisite professional expertise necessary to meet these challenges.

A vote for Lynda Rubino will ensure an independent voice, fresh perspective, and creative solutions for all issues that the school board must confront in the years ahead for the benefit of all of us who are both parents and taxpayers.

Andrew P. Karamouzis and Siobhan E. Moran

Rockville Centre

Thank you to the Lions Club

To the Editor:

I’m writing to publicly thank Jeanne Mulry, Joan MacNaughton and everyone at the Lions Club for the wonderful job they did with the Dinner in the Dark on May 4.

One of the jobs I do in my position with the Avis and Budget licensees is to put on meetings, dinners and conventions, which I have done for 33 years. I also participate in numerous conventions with the car rental industry, as well as with all the major automobile manufacturers.

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