Letters to the Editor

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It is hard to imagine that in this day and age we cannot provide adequate relief for our neighbors in need. We must act now to restore the lives of our neighbors. Every minute that passes without additional aid for these victims is one minute closer to continued homelessness — and that is unacceptable.

Brian Curran
21st Assembly District

Oceanside Fire District candidate responds

To the Editor:

I would like to offer a rebuttal to the statement that my opponent offered in your paper last week regarding the upcoming Oceanside Fire District election. I spent many hours, along with many of the Oceanside volunteer firefighters, not only responding to alarms but also securing food for our members and the stand-by units who came to our aid. We shared our fuel supply with the Oceanside Sanitation District and the Oceanside School District vehicles.
We are eminently better prepared today for weather-related storms such as Sandy. Our Mott Street station generator project had to be put on hold because of Sandy, and when re-started included all the design changes from lessons learned from the storm. The generator was re-designed and raised 5 feet off the ground; the building was rewired so the first and second floors were separated so the second floor would remain online. The current Board of Fire Commissioners has secured $127,000 from FEMA for flood doors for the Mott Street station. The firehouses that were mentioned as still not repaired are privately owned. The Fire District rents space to house the fire apparatus, and those rooms were repaired expeditiously.

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