Arrest made in Valley Stream rape

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“The alleged assailant was caught and our nightmare appears to be over,” Valley Stream Mayor Ed Fare said. “I am very grateful to the numerous police units that worked together to apprehend this alleged criminal. I am very impressed with the diligence, level of professionalism and good old-fashioned police work that resulted in this quick arrest.”

Police are still investigating a third reported incident, which occurred roughly 20 minutes before the Aug. 12 attack in Valley Stream, in connection with Peterkin’s arrest. In that instance, a man forced his way inside a Lois Place home in Lynbrook and sexually assaulted a 58-year-old woman.

According to police, the suspect walked up the front steps and forced the door open. Once inside, he grabbed the victim in an inappropriate manner over her jeans, and then attempted to remove her pants, before choking her. The victim was able to call out for help, getting the attention of a neighbor, who called police. The suspect then fled westbound on his bicycle on Lois Place then northbound towards Merrick Road.

“These cases are active at this time,” Skrynecki said, “and will continue with forensic evidence analysis and other investigative follow-up.” He added that there were similarities between the two attacks in Valley Stream and the one in Lynbrook, including the suspect fleeing on a bicycle on both Aug. 12 instances.

“The time and proximity is one issue that comes into play,” he said when asked what links the two Aug. 12 cases. “The description of the individual is another thing.”

Skrynecki described Peterkin as a dangerous individual and said his motives appeared purely sexual. He said it is unknown why the suspect targeted this area of Nassau County.

Peterkin acted alone in his crimes, according to Skrynecki, and did not use any weapons.

“This is extremely unique and extremely rare,” Skrynecki said. “In fact, any type of sexual predator, serial sexual predator events in Nassau County is very rare. We have not had this type of a situation in quite some time, where the victims are randomly selected, where there is no connection between the assailant and the victim.”

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