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Sunday, May 29, 2016
School News
Cuts approved in Valley Stream high schools
Shane Molinari/Herald
Sharon Daly implored school board members to reconsider transportation changes.

More than three hours into last week's Valley Stream Central High School District Board of Education meeting, at which dozens of angry residents spoke out against proposed spending cuts, the board adopted its 2013-14 budget.

Private-school transportation was the most hotly debated item, in addition to the elimination of three district sports teams — rifle, golf and bowling — before the budget, which incorporates $2.65 million in cuts, was approved by an 8-1 vote on March 12. Board President Tony Iadevaio was the lone “no” vote. The spending plan, which totals $106.2 million, includes a tax levy increase of 3.06 percent, which is the district’s limit under the state tax-levy cap.

There are also administrative and program cuts that, administrators said, would have a significant impact on students. Fifteen full-time teaching positions, several part-time teacher assistants, six part-time teachers, four custodians, one laborer and one clerical position would be dropped.

“These are significant reductions that impact real people who will no longer have jobs in the Valley Stream Central High School District next year,” said Superintendent Dr. Bill Heidenreich.

He also highlighted academic cuts, which include some electives, the seventh-grade science research class, SAT preparation in math and English, and five clubs at each of the four schools.

“As superintendent, I have a fiduciary obligation to look for cost-saving measures,” Heidenreich said, “and as you can see by the recommended reductions here, it touches just about every department in the school district.”

At its work session in February, the board approved transportation changes for three private schools whose students live in the Valley Stream district — Chaminade High School in Mineola, Sacred Heart Academy in Hempstead and the Crescent School in Hempstead. Providing approximately 90 students at those schools with MetroCards for MTA transportation, instead of school buses, is expected to save about $120,000. Heidenreich said that the district currently provides MetroCards to students who live in Valley Stream but attend any of 25 other private schools, which saves the district an estimated $400,000 to $500,000 per year.


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There is a simple way to bridge the problematic budget the VSCHSD is facing. Stop caving to the teacher's union! Especially in the High schools you are dealing with young adults, not toddlers. Class sizes of 28 - 30 should not be challenge to a teacher. Also, perhaps consolidation of departments and deploying teachers to more than one school building throughout the day would maximize our outlay for the teaching staff - which currently eats close to 70% of the 106 million dollar budget between salaries and benefits. The ones that are paying here are the children. They have less opportunities than even 5 years ago. Successful, NYS championship teams are being cut - and not because of a money issue, but because there is a prejudice against the sport. Don't blame the guns, they cannot do these heinous things themselves, blame the people. Violence can be done with any inanimate object - golf clubs, baseball bats, knives - not the mention the effects of people driving under the influence of either alcohol or their cell phones! The mental health system is missing the signs of those people who have used guns in a misguided attempt to make their worlds right again, or stop their own pain.

Friday, April 12, 2013 | Report this

I was a resident of Valley Stream for many years and an alumni of VS Central class of 1980. I feel compelled to let everyone know the most recent underhanded behavior of your elected school board officials. If you have been reading the Herald you are aware of the ongoing budget battles over cuts to several sport programs. One of those programs which is dear to my heart is the Rifle Team. Now I would prefer not to get into the political standpoints of gun control as everyone's will differ. But I feel everyone needs to know that the members of the rifle team, which has been a leading award winning team for many years over and the range which not only housed the team for the High School but also the Police Athletic League was closed without notice this evening.

I have just learned that the members of the PAL rifle team were present at Memorial Jr High School for their regularly scheduled practice and found all the locks changed by the school board without notice. There were no members of the what I will call the spineless school board on hand to explain the action but it was left to the schools janitor to deliver a note to the coach.

Is this the way that VS really wants to end the illustrious records of this award winning team? I cannot believe the audacity of the School Board who did not at least have the decency and respect towards the coaches and our children to be on hand to explain their actions but hide a school employee to deliver the final blow. They should be ashamed of themselves and I believe it's about time that VS elect themselves a new school board

Friday, May 10, 2013 | Report this
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