District 30 principals: test scores will rise

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Malone added that the tests were lengthier than district officials expected, so the advice to students that they should take their time to answer questions meant some did not finish. Now, she said, teachers must work with children on how to pace themselves. “That’s a balancing act because we don’t want kids to race through a test just to get to the end,” she said.

When students receive their individual test scores, the principals acknowledged that there will be some disappointment. They said the students, regardless of the scores they received, should be proud of how hard they worked and focus on improving this year.

Malone reminded parents that implementing Common Core does take time, but District 30 is making strides despite this year’s decline. “It’s a process,” she said. “We can’t make it happen any faster. I think next year you’re going to see jumps in the scores.”

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