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A panel of guest judges — Kim Jones, reporter for the NFL Network and a semi-regular WFAN host; Tiki Barber, former Giants running back and current CBS Sports Radio host; and John Jastremski, a past Fantasy Phenom winner and a current WFAN host — each said that Adrahtas was their pick, based on his passionate monologue. An online vote and the opinion of Eric Spitz, director of programming for CBS Sports Radio, and Mark Chernoff, WFAN’s program director, also figured in the decision.

Adrahtas said he was anxious over the weekend, but was happy with his performance. “I knew that when I was done, I did all that I could do, and I felt very confident,” he said.

At around noon on Aug. 26, he received a phone call informing him of his victory, but was instructed not to tell anyone before it was announced live on WFAN at 5:05 p.m. Adrahtas said he told only his wife the news, but in a few hours that changed.

“At 5:05 my phone couldn’t handle all the calls and the texts that were coming in,” he said, adding that people he had lost touch with years ago were congratulating him.

After Francesca announced the winner on the air, hosts Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts welcomed Adrahtas, a lifelong Mets fan, to WFAN. The announcement came shortly after news broke that Mets pitcher Matt Harvey had suffered a partial ulnar collateral ligament tear in his pitching elbow, devastating Mets fans everywhere. “Here I am feeling guilty,” Adrahtas said. “I’m the only happy Mets fan in the world.”

Unlike the other finalists, he does not have any radio or broadcast experience, and said he had never been in a radio studio before — though this was the third year that he took part in the challenge. Two years ago, he had to pull out of the semifinal round because it conflicted with his honeymoon.

He will be heading to the WFAN studios in Manhattan in the coming weeks to sign a contract and get acquainted with his new surroundings.

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