Kids have a ball at soccer tourney

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Brooklyn Avenue fifth-grader Zoey Minor has been playing soccer since she was 4. While she said she was having fun playing, a part of her had some mixed-emotions because of whom she was playing against. “It’s hard because I know some of the other kids [who are] on my soccer team,” she said.

Luke Costanzo of the William L. Buck School was responsible for the most dramatic play of the day when he scored a last-second goal to give his red team a 1-0 victory. With time winding down, Costanzo dribbled the ball up the right sideline, then with a defender approaching, launched a sliding shot toward the net from about 20 feet out that dipped in just below the cross bar.

“I saw the guy coming at me so I just slid and kicked it,” Costanzo said. “I thought it was going to sail over the net.” When the shot went in, Costanzo celebrated with his teammates as the final whistle sounded.

Comis said the other building principals, board members and district administration were enthusiastic about the event. “I look forward to making this an annual tradition in our district for years to come,” Comis said.

District 24 sixth graders are now getting ready to square off in the annual hockey tournament on Jan. 14 at the Buck School.

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