Many questions on flood maps

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  Another question that must be answered is, What was the methodology used by FEMA to come up with these new flood maps? It was intimated that scientific data was used but what exactly does that mean? We heard the words “cutting-edge technology” used for the maps instituted in September 2009, which we found out later could not have been further from the truth. It is imperative that we know what, exactly, was done to determine who was left in the flood zone. The Biggerts-Waters Act, signed into law on July 6, 2012, mandated FEMA to revise the flood maps in Valley Stream using local data. It does not appear that they used any local data for these proposed maps. If Gibson did not flood during Irene and did not flood during Sandy, not to mention the records the village has showing that there has not been flooding in Gibson going back to 1938, how come so many homeowners — approximately 1,500 — are still in the flood zone? 

  It is understandable that the mayor does not want to challenge the maps so that those who have been removed from the flood maps can be taken out, but once those maps are approved, it becomes law. It took us three years and a lot of help from Senator Schumer to get a law passed so that the inaccurate maps of 2009 could be revised. Let’s not make the same mistake twice.   

FEMA needs to explain to the homeowners and the village how these new maps were drawn up and what data was used, before they become law. We need to find out exactly what FEMA considers local data because these maps do not make sense. 

  The premiums of $400 will soon be gone, according to Tim Crowley of FEMA, and the premiums are now $3,300 for the high-risk zone and $1,800 for the “X” zone if you decide to buy the insurance. It is of the utmost importance to make sure that the proposed maps were done correctly this time. Until these questions can be answered and the inconsistencies eliminated, it looks like they are trying to pull another fast one on the homeowners of Gibson. Hopefully the village will investigate these proposed maps and get answers to these questions for the homeowners of Valley Stream.

Carol Crupi
Valley Stream Community Association

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