Meeks pays a visit to Valley Stream

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“They’re an improvement so we were able to take a number of people out of the flood zone,” Thomas said of the new maps, “but we still leave about 800 in. Is it realistic for us to expect that we can do better, that we can continue to work on the maps and get people out?”

Meeks said that his office would continue to work on the issue and gave Thomas the contact information for a member of his staff who has been dedicated to flood maps.

Local issues like affordable housing and airplane noise were also discussed, both of which Meeks said he was quite familiar with.

Meeks, who said he is endorsing Tom Suozzi in the Democratic Primary for Nassau County executive, which will take place in September, added that he is working to see Democrats at all levels of government elected in November.

From a national standpoint, Meeks said he hopes that the House of Representatives, which is currently controlled by the Republican Party, would be retaken by the Democrats in November 2014. “All the pieces are in place for us to do what we need to do and win back the House,” he said, adding that if that were happen, he believes the gridlock in Washington D.C. would be alleviated and more work would get done.

Valley Stream Democratic Club President Steve Thom said he thought the meeting went well and said there was a good exchange between Meeks and the residents in attendance. The only thing Thom said he would have like to see next time is more community members on hand.

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