Shaw Avenue nominated for Blue Ribbon award

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“While this is a building nomination,” she said, “it really gives credit to the work that has been done in making sure that every child has access to not only a good curriculum, but an excellent curriculum and resources. It’s a shared effort; there’s nothing that’s individual.”

Stirling added that students at all three schools are becoming well-rounded individuals due to that hard work from the school community. “We’re seeing that,” he said, “not just at Shaw, but at all three schools and it’s my expectation that this is an award that validates the work that’s been going on in this district and provides us benchmark for all of our schools as we move forward.”

The process of becoming a Blue Ribbon school goes far beyond a nomination, however. Now, a team from Shaw will complete a 12-step online application that details the methods used, the professional development offered and the curriculum taught, among other aspects by Feb. 15, when the application is due.

“It’s really an opportunity to delve into what we already do and as we look at it, we’ll continue to refine, because that’s what we do here,” Ligonde said. “We’re always refining our craft and our practices.”

Once the application is submitted, there is a long review process. If Shaw is selected as a Blue Ribbon school, two representatives will travel to Washington D.C. in November to accept the honor.

“This is 50 years of work in the making,” Ligonde said. “It would mean recognition, but it would also mean that we have to continue the legacy of excellence here at Shaw.”

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