South top grads are Ivy League-bound

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Powell has been named an Advanced Placement Scholar with Distinction and has been involved with the Falcon Report, Mathletes and It’s Academic, as well as being selected to the National, Math, Science, Language, Athletic and Music honor societies. She has run for the cross country team and played saxophone for the jazz and wind ensembles, pit orchestra and district band. In the summer, Powell has played with the Valley Stream Community Band.

Outside of school, she has volunteered at Holy Name of Mary Church on Sundays to work with children with special needs and has tutored other students, ranging from first through 10th grades, on a variety of subjects.

Hess and Powell have each taken 13 Advanced Placement courses. Both cited calculus as one of their favorite courses. “It was a challenge,” Hess said. “It was a new type of challenge because math had always been easier for me than the other subjects until calculus came along.”

Powell added that her AP calculus class was structured like a college course, which has prepared her for her next level of education. Overall, she said, her classes at South have poised her for success in the future. “I feel that I’ve been given the tools necessary to succeed in college,” she said.

Before South, Powell attended the William L. Buck School. She has many lasting friendships from her elementary days, and that is what she will miss most when she leaves for college.

Hess attended the James A. Dever School but decided to attend South instead of North. He started seventh grade without knowing anyone else, but said he welcomed the fresh start.

For Hess, the key to his success was working hard to fully understand every concept he has been taught in school. He said he often supplemented the course material with his own online research. Hess also cited his unorthodox way of doing homework — staying at school many nights until the building closed.

Powell said that while sometimes she procrastinated, she always got her work done. “I’m conscientious,” she said. “I’ll never let an assignment slip by. I do everything and I do it to the best of my abilities.”
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