Lawrence Lately

Tornadoes swirl toward championship


If you asked any student from Lawrence High School what they think their school should be most proud of, the answer would almost undeniably be football. Last Saturday, Lawrence played against Glen Cove in the Nassau Conference III semifinals. The Golden Tornados won 45-26, and became the first Long Island and New York City football team to win 500 games.

Tight end and DE Michael Spinelli provided an ironic twist and a historical perspective to his team’s victory. “It’s funny,” Spinelli said, “Lawrence lost 2-0 to Glen Cove in the first game they ever played, and now, Lawrence defeated them, marking their 500th win.”

The Golden Tornados currently have an outstanding record of 9-1, and their upcoming game against Plainedge, also 9-1, on Nov. 23 at Hofstra at 12:30 p.m., will determine who will be this year’s Nassau Conference III champions. Plainedge defeated Lawrence in Week 4. Should the Golden Tornados win, it would be their third Conference III title and put them in the Class III Long Island Championship game for the third consecutive year.

The team knows the remaining games are “going to be a fight,” but they have confidence in themselves. Everyone at Lawrence High recognize the talent and dedication that bonds the team together and are always there to support them;  the loudest screams and most exuberant cheers can always be traced back to a group of Lawrencians on the stands.

Asked how it feels to be a member of a successful team with so much promise, Elijah Jones, one of the senior captains, said “it feels great to be able to lead our team and hopefully win both championships.”  

“[Being] on that field representing my town is the greatest feeling in the world,” Spinelli said. “The team is like a family. We spend pretty much everyday together, whether we’re practicing or just hanging out and watching game film. We're all close, and we'd do anything for each other.”  

The Golden Tornados represent our community and embody our values. Devotion, teamwork, and the ability to set goals and achieve them, are just a few of the qualities that are not only applicable in sports, but in everyday life as well.