Valley Stream looks for energy savings

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Other projects wouldn’t save as much as the street lights, but would still trim energy costs. For example, Burke said, weather stripping could save about $10,000 a year, while new heat pumps at the pool complex and Village Hall could cut costs by about $4,000 a year.

The project would also include the replacement of parking meters in several lots with single-pay units, similar to what is found in Rockville Centre. The machines would take credit cards and would be solar-powered.

Burke estimated that this system could generate an additional $140,000 per year in revenue for the village.

Lynbrook’s project included street lights, heating and air conditioning upgrades at Village Hall and the use of solar energy at both the Department of Public Works building and the pool. According to DPW Superintendent Phil Healey, the first year of Lynbrook’s project has been a success. “So far we have had great results in savings in both electric and maintenance costs,” he said.

Burke said that Johnson Controls guarantees energy savings. If the village isn’t saving what he estimates, the company would write Valley Stream a check to cover the difference.

Johnson Controls was chosen because it has done previous work for the village. Under state General Municipal Law, energy performance contracts are not subject to a competitive bidding process.

Mayor Ed Fare said he expects that a deal with Johnson Controls will be reached soon, but a few items still need to be negotiated. He said he particularly likes the idea of solar panels on the Bandshell, which could be used to power the facility and possibly the lights around the Village Green. Burke added that the roof of the building faces the right direction for maximum sunlight exposure.

Fare said that having the street lights replaced will be beneficial from the standpoint that village workers simply won’t have to spend time driving around to replace bulbs. He noted that the change-over to long-lasting LED lights would allow him to use the electrical department for other projects.

If this energy performance contract is approved and is successful, Fare said, he might look to do upgrades at other village-owned facilities.

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