Remembering a great gal

Cedarhurst-based therapist is unforgettable


It was about 18 years ago that the orthopedic doctors in Cedarhurst diagnosed that herniated discs caused my back pain. Luckily for me physical therapy was prescribed.

My first visit was unforgettable. I was assigned to a young gal, who was a newcomer. The smile on her face was as warm and inviting as the massage therapy and warm towels she provided. Her name was Laura and in the months to come, she treated me as promised and most of my pain was gone.

I got to know Laura really well because she was so impressive. She had a spot on sense of humor that made every session fun no matter how much pain I was in. I would drag myself over for my appointed time and leave pain free and smiling. I would sign up for appointments in advance because I didn’t want to miss her great sense of humor and her intense commitment to make me well again.

We would laugh about politics, television personalities, movies … the gal was up on everything. She knew the best place to get a haircut, have a great meal and recommended many doctors for our family. She was like a family member to me.

She was unique and her patients knew it. In the years to come she acquired a long list of recommendations that filled her hours. Every year I would buy her a special Christmas gift in town to show my appreciation for all her knowledge, caring and special ability to take care of me the way she and only she could do.

In June, Laura became ill while pulling up into her driveway. In a matter of moments she had died. She was 46. The news stung my heart like a wild bee out to wound.

I must share my appreciation for all her devotion and attention with everyone. My world will never be the same without Laura Tuffy. She will always be remembered for her enthusiasm and expertise from all those she knew who are now pain free. She will be missed.

Weinberger lives in North Woodmere.