Mandalay School evacuated due to gas leak

No injuries were reported, and students were allowed back in the building at 9 a.m.


Mandalay School in Wantagh was evacuated after a small gas leak was reported Tuesday morning.

According to Wendy Ladd of National Grid, the leak was reported at 8:33 a.m. Once National Grid arrived, the school was evacuated briefly. After the school was deemed safe around 9 a.m., students and teachers were allowed back in.

The leak, which Ladd said was very small, was caused by a malfunction in the regulator, which is located outside of the school. She said the leak was caused due to a rapid temperature change.

National Grid did some repair work on the regulator, but was asked by district officials to return Tuesday night when the school is empty.

"Upon the opening of Mandalay Elementary School early this morning, before bus drop-off, a custodian identified a gas like smell, which was reported to National Grid and the fire department," Wantagh Superintendent Maureen Goldberg said. "The small group of before school students and staff who were in the building were briefly evacuated while authorities inspected the entire school. They found a malfunction in a regulator located outside of the building and declared the building safe to enter, allowing student and staff arrival, as well as the school day, to proceed as usual."

"The safety and security of our students and staff is paramount and we always take all precautions to ensure a sound learning environment," she added.