Letters to the Editor: East Rockaway, Lynbrook

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Walgreens would cause too much congestion

To the Editor:
I am writing with regard to the article in last week’s Herald, ”Walgreens coming to Lynbrook?” I have serious concerns with this that an be summed up in one word — traffic!
I live in Malverne and work on Merrick Road in Lynbrook. On a good day, when the stars are aligned and the traffic flows smoothly, I can make it home in about 15 minutes. Unfortunately, that is not the normal course of events. Traveling a distance of about two miles, there are days that I can walk home faster than I can drive.  
The idea of an entrance on Hempstead Avenue and an exit onto Lakeview Avenue is ripe for disaster. The congestion at the five-corner intersection of Hempstead, Franklin, Lakeview and Hendrickson is already unbearable! There are so many near accidents as it is, with customers going in and out of Cross Island Fruits, that adding Walgreens to the mix would create a bigger problem without a solution. 
I realize $295,000 is a significant amount of income for the village, but once Walgreens is here, the problems will exist forever. The tax revenue that would be generated would not negate the difficulties imposed on the residents of Lynbrook, the surrounding businesses and the neighboring villages. More public input and in-depth traffic studies need to be done.

Anita Jurgielski


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