Letters to the Editor: Lynbrook, East Rockaway

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Reading Jean Wall’s loving tribute to her amazing son Glen in last week’s Herald (“He’s on the ‘Bright Side of the Road.’”) brought back many fond memories of him. I remember Glen as Brian’s little brother, whom we enjoyed having around. I remember seeing him in the hallways and the cafeteria at Lynbrook High School. I admired his many accomplishments in athletics and academics, and yet he never boasted nor bragged. His modesty made these accomplishments all the more impressive. He was on the basketball court when I was in the wrestling room, but thankfully I had many chances to watch him play. On the court, he was just a kid having fun, playing hoops. One of his greatest gifts was how he would make you feel special when he smiled at you.

God bless you, Jean, for bringing such a beautiful soul into this world, and for enduring the suffering that you’ve experienced since his passing. I can’t imagine the pain you live with each day, and I also can’t imagine what the world would have been like without Glen. I find solace in my faith that someday I’ll get to see him and his precious smile again.

Hilary Becker


Seniors deserve better treatment

To the Editor:

Secretary of Health and Human Services Katherine Sebelius has authorized the transfer of the poorest Medicare patients into an HMO in 18 states. This is being done without the insureds’ choice — and nobody is reporting it except Fox News.

This means that their medical care will be controlled by an HMO that will decide what treatment they can or cannot receive. They will need to use approved doctors and will probably not be able to keep their own physicians.

Very few physicians participate in HMOs, just as they are starting to refuse Medicare because of the reimbursement cuts. This is just the beginning of the dismantling of Medicare, contrary to what President Obama has told us.

People need to know and this has to stop.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have promised the continuation of Medicare for those 55 and older. This is not what Obama is doing, and our seniors deserve better.

Louise Strauss

Feathers to storage?

To the Editor:

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