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Another school year at De La Salle


As an Independent Catholic Lasallian, middle school for boys, serving students from economically challenged families on Long Island; The De La Salle School strives to break the cycle of poverty through faith-based education. We provide young men with the tools necessary for success in their academic, social and moral lives. The educational reform that is provided empowers the student by focusing on their educational achievement as well as character development. Our school is purposefully small and is non-tuition driven. We rely on our friends and benefactors from the Long Island community to sustain our mission and are most grateful to the alumni of LaSalle Military Academy for all their support.

In June, we celebrated our thirteenth graduation. We now have 173 young men who have the distinction of earning a diploma from The De La Salle School. Forty of our alumni who are attending a Catholic high school receive financial assistance through our graduate support program. Over the course of the year, we offer a study hall on Tuesday evenings that welcomes all of our high school alumni for food, relaxation and a safe academic atmosphere for study and tutoring.

Enrollment for the 2018-2019 school year is seventy-one students, the largest enrollment at The De La Salle School since our founding in 2002. We are at capacity and have a long waiting list. The new school year brings with it many exciting projects. The eighth-grade class have been paired with a fifth-grade buddy and are spending a week in Vermont as part of Farms for City Kids Project. Field trips are already planned for the Fire Island Light House, The Hofstra Museum and Old Westbury Gardens. Guest lecturers will be introduced once a month to speak to the students about prospects for higher education, career goals and career possibilities.

As we write the next chapter of The De La Salle School we do so with deep faith and filled with hope, fulfilling the Lasallian characteristics of Respect, Responsibility, Service, and Leadership. Through the generosity of our friends and benefactors, we have a state of the art science lab, chrome books for each student and new interactive Smart televisions. These acts of kindness ensure that those who have been entrusted to our care are provided with all the latest educational tools so they are able to maximize their full potential. Through their talents, their gifts, their generosity and their youthfulness, our students will win the battle against poverty. They have hope because they know they have a community that believes in them and cares enough about them to afford them the gift of a quality education.

The young men who have graced and blessed our halls are the emerging face of America and represent a new generation of Lasallian leaders striving for a standard of academic excellence, morals and values that have been so much a part of our vision and history. The Lasallian legacy continues as the vision for our mission continues to grow and evolve.