14 percent of teachers at risk

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While Greer called the potential layoffs of 99 teachers “devastating,” and said that he and his members were “in shock,” he added that preparing for the worst case was the best way to handle a bad situation.

“The reasoning behind this ‘worst case’ excising was to ensure that all of the teachers in danger would have ample notice and the opportunity to get their affairs in order,” he said. “What makes this even more difficult is the fact that my teachers have already accepted two years of pay freezes to help reduce the tax burden placed on our community. The truth is, Governor Cuomo’s tax cap law is decimating the educational system on Long Island. In my opinion, the long-term effect of the tax cap on Long Island will be depressed housing prices, which will make Long Island an undesirable place to live. We are also at a serious disadvantage here on Long Island because we educate almost 18 percent of the students in the state, but we only receive approximately 12 percent back in state aid. If Long Island received its fair share of state aid, we wouldn’t be in such a perilous situation now.”

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