Advice for new college students from not-so-new college students


Long Island’s high schools have finished honoring the members of the class of 2013, and many of those newly minted graduates are now looking toward college in the fall. They’re no doubt in need of some advice about making the transition to the next chapter in their lives, and who better to offer it, we thought, than our college interns here at the Heralds? Below are their collected words of wisdom.

Diana Dietrich
Adelphi University
Valley Stream North High School

The stresses of establishing a new group of friends, maintaining a good GPA, and the pressures to party are all major challenges for college freshmen.

Find out about the resources your college offers. There are resident assistants and other student leaders who are trained to make you feel comfortable and welcomed if you ever find yourself struggling. There are learning centers on campus for those who need academic support, and counseling centers as well. Don’t hesitate to make an appointment with a social worker or a psychologist if you feel the need.

Understand that although you’re starting a new and unfamiliar phase of your life, you’re not alone. Make yourself aware of the help that’s available to you, and there’s no reason why the next four years shouldn’t be the best years of your life.

Amanda McKelvey
Fairfield University
Sacred Heart Academy

Never stop meeting people. Part of college life is forging relationships with others. This can make a campus feel a little more like home. 

As a freshman, I left the door to my dorm room propped open, making it easy for people to stop by and say hello. I attended programs in my residence hall, which helped me meet one of my best friends. I joined the orientation committee, and met all kinds of people, upperclassmen as well as incoming students.

So start a conversation with someone in your class, or say hello to professors you pass in the hallway. Put yourself out there, and make it count!

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