BCA, BCC collaborate on ‘cash mob’


Two of Baldwin’s most prominent acronymic organizations — the Civic Association, or BCA, and the Chamber of Commerce, or BCC — combined forces last week on their largest-scale joint project to date. Although the two groups have paired up on several ventures in the past, and often find their interests dovetailed, last week’s Cash Mob promotion marked the official start of what everyone hopes will be a beautiful friendship.

A cash mob, explained Karen Montalbano, speaking at a BCA meeting on Dec. 5, is a small-business promotional take on the “flash mob” impromptu dance and performance spectacles staged for online video promotion. Instead of, say, breaking into the choreography from “Thriller” while wearing gorilla suits, however, the members of a cash mob plan to spend money — the BCA and BCC suggested a $20 minimum — at predetermined businesses in their area.

The lucky recipients of the groups’ largess were Collector’s Coins and Jewelry, at 1846 Grand Ave., and Spices Negril, at 1084 Grand. The Collector’s event was held Dec. 8, and the Spices mob dropped in the following day. Members of the cash mobs received discounts for mentioning the promotion.