Curran and Pugliese face off

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We need to address congestion on Grand Avenue. We need traffic studies done to figure out how we can make that better. We also need to put serious work into revitalizing the business districts in Baldwin and in Freeport. If you look at Rockville Centre, they have a great downtown. We don’t have that in Baldwin and Freeport. But there are possibilities. We have active business owners who care. They have started beautification projects, but they always seem to stall. 

Would you continue to serve with the Board of Education/Chamber of Commerce if elected?

Curran: I would finish out my term with the school board, which ends in June, then I wouldn’t run again. I would start as legislator in January, do both jobs for six months, but then I wouldn’t run for school board again. I would have to clone myself to do both of those things. 

Pugliese: I intend to, yes. I enjoy working with the chamber. 


Debbie Pugliese, Republican 

Age: 46

Lives in: Baldwin

Career: Marketing manager for ParSal Vending Co.

Political experience: Chamber of Commerce board member

Family: Married, mother of one


Laura Curran, Democrat 

Age: 45

Lives in: Baldwin

Career: Former editor of the Baldwin Herald and reporter for the New York Post and the Daily News; former part-time communications worker for Nassau County.

Political experience: Board of Education trustee

Family: Married, mother of three

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