East Rockaway high school on the mend

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The gyms. The floors in both the small and large gyms have been removed and a new floor is being priced. The folding wall and electric lifts for the basketball backboards are being tested to ensure that they are in proper working order, and the bleachers in the large gym are being repaired as needed. The padded wall panels were discarded and new ones have been ordered.

The cafeteria. It has been stripped and cleaned of any water damage, and general construction work, including the removal of the wall-mounted folding tables, will begin shortly. The flooring is ordered and will be installed as soon as the general construction work is completed.

Work is also being done on the administrative offices and the tech and weight rooms.

“We cannot walk the public through now — it’s too dangerous with all the work going on,” said Melucci, adding that a presentation on the state of the school will be made to residents in February. The date and time will be listed on the school’s website. “We can’t have staff here because it’s very dusty, and the temporary heat and electric periodically go down.”

Asked about the possibility of the 77th annual Rock Rivalry competition being canceled, Melucci replied, “[Principal] Joe Spero has plans in the works. We didn’t want to give in to the storm — we want to do something.”

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