Karate kids run Spartan race at CitiField


The kids at Shunato Karate do more than kick, punch and block — they also run for fitness. This holistic approach was put to the test on April 13, when 16 students from the Grand Avenue karate school participated in the Junior Spartan race at the home of the Mets, Citi Field.

The Junior Spartan race may be a scaled-down version of the full Spartan, but the one-mile fun fitness event is still no easy task. The race ran along the perimeter of the baseball field, down into the concourse and even through certain areas that are normally off limits to anyone but players.

The karate students, who ranged in age from seven to 12, spent two months training on an obstacle course in preparation for the Junior Spartan. The proceeds from the race benefited the Kids Fit Foundation, an organization that promotes physical fitness in children.

“They faced multiple challenging obstacles along the one-mile run,” reported Tina Peragine, program director for Shunato, “but every single one of our team members completed the full course.” Find out more at www.shunato.com.