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We are all looking to reduce our tax burden, yet the school district doesn’t seem to understand that. So we need to demonstrate to Dr. Johnson that not only is there no money for a tax increase, but that we want our tax burden decreased. We want a budget that is lower than last year’s. The only way to do this is to vote “no” on the bond and on the budget until Dr. Johnson decreases spending and we get a smaller tax bill. Send him the message. Vote “no”.

Marc Wieman

Rockville Centre

Why have a bond at all?

To the Editor:

Each year the RVC School District is required by state law to mail specific information to qualified voters six days in advance of the annual budget vote. This is a one-page notice that gets mailed to our home.

In the third paragraph of this one-page notice, it states that there is an administrative component, a program component and a capital component for the proposed school year budget.

The capital component amount is $10,781,668 in the current (2012-13) budget. It was $10,855,368 in the previous (2011-12) budget, $10,568,099 in the 2010-11 budget and $10,258,291 in the 2009-10 budget of $90,065,564.

The capital component for the proposed 2013-14 budget of $102,118,352 should, once again, be $10 million or more.

The capital component is for building improvements.

The capital component for just the last four school budgets, plus the 2013-14 proposed budget, amounts to at least $52,463,426.

In addition, Governor Cuomo has stated numerous times that the more affluent Long Island school districts (like RVC) have tens of millions of dollars in reserve funds.

So why do our Board of Education and school administration require an additional $45.9 million for building improvements?

One last thing: There is no free $15 million with this school improvement bond (as the full page advertisement in the March 7-13 Herald stated). We, the RVC school district taxpayer, shall be obligated to pay in full the $45.9 million dollars plus interest!

Vote “no”!

Russ Grogan

Rockville Centre

We need to support the bond

To the Editor:

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