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Saturday, December 20, 2014
Letters to the Editor
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The St. Patrick’s Parade is a great day for the Irish: the sun is shining and it’s a great parade. The bagpipers are marching, the fire departments are all cleaned up and participating, the Irish step dancers are performing and the crowd is in a festive mood. Then, towards the end, comes a small group holding a sign representing the Tea Party. I have heard of a block party, house party and even a Tupperware party, but Tea Party? Then it dawned on me: this is that obstructionist group with a political agenda. But it’s the St. Patrick’s parade. Should I have to think about this group of angry people pushing their politics when I am enjoying this fine day? It’s bad enough that we have to put up with it in our political process, but not today.

I thought the parade was to be void of politics and political statements. At least I did not want to deal with it on such an event. Oh well. A pint of Guinness and this too shall pass, but wait until Monday.

Frank Gordon

Rockville Centre

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