Spring pleasures around Long Island

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In fact, some of those pet rabbits are also there to compete. The show includes some 20 or so young rabbit owners, in the youth division (ages 18 and under) who proudly present their beloved rabbits for judging. “We welcome any rabbits, as long as they have a pedigree,” Doukas said. “Any young person who owns a rabbit and can handle their own rabbit is welcome to participate.”
The sight of all those rabbits – ranging size from tiny, little things to some that are the size of small dog – delights kids and adults alike – and is an enjoyable way to welcome spring.
Another sign of spring can be found among the village’s resident farm animals. Each year at this time, a new flock of baby lambs, among other newborns, are ready to charm visitors.
Visitors will have access to all the buildings and areas within the village, which is ready to welcome everyone to experience what life was like during an earlier and simpler time on Long Island.
Explore the recreated 19th century village at Round Swamp Rd. in Old Bethpage. For more information, call (516) 572-8400.

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