Town clerk candidates promise service and integrity

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Your predecessor, Mark Bonilla, was convicted of official misconduct. Do you feel this has affected public perception of the clerk, and if so, how?

Nasrin Ahmad: I really haven’t felt anything. What wasn’t in the news was the service that my office provided. People still come and enjoy the short lines, friendly service they get here. They still had the same services being provided to them. I don’t think it affected the office at all. We have a great staff and they continued and will continue. Nobody has come and complained. We are looking to look forward and make the services even better. 

Jasmine Garcia-Vieux: I think the public can rest assured that once I am elected, they will be served by an individual who has demonstrated honesty and will continue to conduct herself with integrity. One of my goals is maintaining constant communication with the public. When elected officials are put in office, they sometimes distance themselves. I want to get out there and promote public participation. This is best way to gain their trust and let them know I am one of them and that they can come talk to me and we can work together to figure out ways we can get things done. 

What makes you a unique candidate? What personal qualities do you specifically possess that stand out? 

Nasrin Ahmad: I am unique because of the fact that I have the experience — 15 years of it and counting. To me, that is my greatest quality — knowing the department, the working relationships and the great employees of public service. I am going to come in every morning thinking, “What can I do, even if it is just a little bit more, to help?” and I will go home and at night thinking, “I helped my residents.”

Jasmine Garcia-Vieux: I think what makes me stand out is that voters can be sure they are electing someone with professionalism and integrity. My only agenda is the residents, and that’s what sets me apart. For the past several years, I have also raised a family and while working in this town and managed to find balance. I think this is what the town needs: someone who makes tough decisions and takes challenges on head on.

I am not a politician. I am a resident of this town that lives and works here. I could very well stay in private practice and go on with my life. But today, I am choosing to make a difference in my community by being a part of the process. I also hope voters know how important this upcoming election is and that there vote does count. It’s time for them to put an end to over 100 years of one-party control. I don’t think people realize how powerful that vote really is. 

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