Chateau Briand to host free prom for LBHS

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So, Mandaro and Victor Scotto Jr. called Glassberg and Dr. Gaurav Passi, the principal of Long Beach High School, to notify them of the good news that they would be donating the entire cost of the reception.

A few days later, Mandaro and Scotto called again, informing the school that Pedestals Florist in Garden City Park, the house florist for Chateau Briand, would also donate their services for the night to ensure that the tables looked beautiful for the students.

In addition, Victoria Scotto of Chateau Briand explained that they set out to make every lucky senior girl at Long Beach High School feel like a princess for the night, by hosting a Prom Dress Party on April 18. Long Beach High School seniors who are attending their prom will be able to choose from a selection of donated dresses, handbags, and costume jewelry. There will be raffles and giveaways such as limousines, gift cards and accessories. Among the vendors contributing to this event are Estelle’s Dressy Dresses, Bridal Reflections, Tuxedo Park, Men’s Wearhouse, Frippery Boutique, Thomas Knoell and Body Rock D.J.

The event, which is being mentioned on social networks such as Facebook, has an open door invitation for additional vendors to contact Scotto to volunteer their services for the Prom Dress Party. Scotto is also in the process of coordinating donations to assist boys who will be attending the Long Beach prom.

“We are proud to play a role in helping the students of Long Beach High School celebrate this special milestone, and to give them happy prom memories, in spite of all the recent hardships they have faced,” said Mandaro.

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