Hegarty students elect leaders


Adults were not the only ones voting on Election Day. Students at Francis X. Hegarty School in Island Park also participated in the electoral process as they voted for their new Student Council leaders. Twelve candidates from the Student Council’s third and fourth grades campaigned for the four officer positions for 2013-2014. After deciding on their campaign platforms, they presented their speeches to the entire school. Under the direction of advisers Patricia Pozin and Denise Benedetto, the Student Council meets Wednesday mornings to plan projects and activities to enhance school and community spirit.

Mario Parano, Ava Emerson, Samantha Kolb, Katherine Almeida, William Adler, Gabrielle Rogers, Max Epstein, Marie Murphy, and Tommy Murphy.

After the vote tally, the newly elected Student Council officers are:

President – Robert Adler

Vice President – Samantha Kolb

Secretary – Max Epstein

Treasurer – Ava Emerson