Powering the imagination of children

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Wendy Rossberg has been teaching second grade at Oaks School #3 for the past 19 years and said having her student’s illustrations included in her daughter’s book is the perfect way to make the book more inspiring for all children. “It just made so much sense to give the children some part off this process, they were so interested in the story and what it was about,” she said. “I am filled with such pride for all the children whose drawings were selected, and even the students whose drawings were not chosen, as well as for my daughter of course; it is such a huge accomplishment.”

Rossberg said her love of writing began in AnnMarie Castrogiovanni’s second grade class at Ogden Elementary in North Woodmere. “She was a girl beyond her years and was really a true writer from the start,” said Castrogiovanni about Rossberg. “I was excited for her when she told me about the book and I felt that all the writing she’s done throughout the years since she was a little girl made an impression on her. I was really affirming to me.”

In the near future, Rossberg will be visiting all the second grade classes at Ogden Elementary to read her book to students. In February, she will be going for her master’s in Jewish Studies at a graduate school in Israel. She thinks her experiences there will help her with her second book. “My next book is for young adults and teenagers about the importance of Shabbat tradition in Jewish life,” she said. “I’m hoping to experience Shabbat across Israel for the next two years.”

“The Gray Days” debuted at the Community Health Fair at the Number Four School in Inwood on Sept. 9. “Literacy falls within health and wellness as we have to take care of our minds, creativity and imaginations,” she said. “I hope children realize how powerful imaginations and creativity can be and that they turn off the televisions and enjoy their minds.”

To purchase the book, visit arielarossberg.com.

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