A doll shop reaches out to Sandy victims

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Inside, customers could learn more about a Byers Choice dolls, which are being sold at Dear Little Dollies for the first time this year. Retail sales representative Nancy Schluter was on hand to answer questions about the company’s Christmas-themed figurines, which are handmade in Chalfont, Pa.

Schluter said Dear Little Dollies is the only authorized dealer of Byers Choice figurines in Bellmore, and she was happy to tell residents more about the dolls. She also said she was pleased to come to a shop that was helping the community.

“I think it’s very generous,” she said of the fundraiser. “A lot of people feel bad, but they might not be doing something about it.”

While perusing the Byers Choice offerings and other dolls available at the store, customers had the chance to enter contests and make donations to the Dear Little Dollies cause. Free cookies, candy and coffee were also available at the store, as Camilleri said the owners wanted to create a cheery atmosphere.

Exclusive items like a wooden jester doll were raffled off for the charitable cause, and sales of Christmas goblets filled with candy and other items also went toward the fundraiser.

Christine Masone, of Wantagh,

purchased two of the goblets because she thought the proceeds would go to a worthy cause. She said Hurricane Sandy impacted her neighbors.

“I can feel in my heart how these people must feel,” she said. “We’ve got to give.”

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