Baldwin 4 Children celebrated


The Baldwin Foundation for Education honored members of Baldwin 4 Children, a group of community stakeholders who joined forces to raise money for student programs after last year’s budget vote, on April 5.

B4C raised about $163,000 to restore programs that were cut, including musicals, sports activities and art programs.

The group’s co-president Richard Damm said it was an honor to be recognized by the Baldwin Foundation for Education, but what made it even more special was that it coincided with Baldwin High School’s musical “The Wiz”, which was put on the same weekend because of the group’s fundraising efforts.

“It culminated not only with the honors that they gave us, but it was great to see the high school musical up close,” he said. “It was the icing on the cake.”

B4C raised money in various ways including car washes, a flea market and an all-day music festival called Baldwin Palooza. The group began its fundraising journey in July and ended in February.

Jenny Clavin, a B4C member who specialized in administrative work and coordinated events, said the Baldwin Foundation for Education helped their group immensely. “We owe them a big thanks because they’re the ones who helped us out by forming a bank account for us and taking us under their wing,” she said. “Without them we wouldn’t have been able to raise the money.”

The Baldwin Foundation for Education was already established as a not-for-profit organization and was able to help B4C throughout their fundraising efforts.

Five members of B4C were honored on April 5, but Damm said there were more than 300 people who volunteered this school year.

Although their fundraising has concluded, Damm said he hopes their example lives on. “We’re hoping that our actions attract more people to volunteer,” he said, “especially for the Baldwin Foundation for Education.”