Court OKs GOP’s redistricting map

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“We are very gratified that the Appellate Division has upheld our county charter, as we fully expected,” Schmitt said.

Democratic legislators, meanwhile, contend that the county charter does not require that districts be immediately redrawn, only that their populations be “described.”

Denenberg said he thinks the Appellate Division’s decision was unfortunate. “The real loser in all this is the taxpayers, especially at a time when the county is in fiscal crisis and taxes are so high,” he said. “The Republican majority is hell-bent on spending millions this year only to redistrict again next year.”

Legislator Howard Kopel, a Republican from Lawrence, said he is satisfied with the GOP redistricting plan, noting, “Whoever is there, I’ll work with them, if I’m fortunate enough to be returned. We will do what is good for the entire Five Towns.”

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