Explosion rocks Oceanside, one injury reported


Oceanside Fire Department officials are reporting an explosion that occurred at Cousin’s Metal Industries on Brown Court in Oceanside on Tuesday afternoon.

According to Ed Scharfberg, spokesperson for the Oceanside Fire District, the explosion originated somewhere in a pile of metal and rubble at Cousin’s Metal, but the department is uncertain as to what may have caused it. The Oceanside Fire Department, as well as the Nassau County Police Department and the county fire marshal’s office, responded almost immediately.

“There was a piece of equipment being operated by a worker, who got blasted in the face by some debris,” said Scharfberg. The worker was then evacuated to the Nassau County Medical Center by a police evacuation helicopter.

Although officials are uncertain as to what caused the explosions, Scharfberg said that an oxygen tank explosion is possible, and Herald photographer Daniel Tommasino reported that the injured worker was operating a crane and punctured a propane tank. The cause is currently under investigation by the fire marshal.

According to Oceanside resident Ann Croce, the shock of the explosion itself was felt nearly three miles away, by Oceanside High School.