Island Park details recovery, cancels February vacation

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The conference center across the street from the elementary school also lost electronics in its boiler rooms, and Seeba suggested that the district use rooftop heaters and air conditioners as a means of replacing the ruined technology.

Seeba said that though the public library had 21 inches of water, most of the heating equipment was on the roof and as a result suffered less damage than the conference center.

Bovino explained that the district could use June 24 and 25 as additional school days, as they had already been scheduled for use in case of snow closures, and added that in addition to the removal of February break, more vacation days could be removed in March. Bovino said the board of trustees had not yet made that decision.

Bovino read the names of residents who had donated money, more than $5,000, to help the district replace schoolbooks and musical instruments, as well as pay for school trips and provide free food for the students. She also announced that the district would receive 25 percent of the money raised from a hurricane benefit concert by Twisted Sister on Dec. 16 at the Emporium in Patchogue. The money from the concert would go directly to the district’s music program.

Former trustee Steve Foster commended the work being done by the board and the superintendent in response to the hurricane.

“I want to thank everyone for their efforts, especially the board,” Foster said. “The time and effort that you must have put into this is beyond anything I can comprehend. You do us all proud.”

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