Jones Beach marketplace stresses variety


Visitors at Jones Beach are exploring the new marketplace near the boardwalk on Field 4, which displays foods from different places, including many with Brooklyn connections.

Smorgasbar brings together Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg.

“Jones Beach has been getting renovated lately and we are part of a pilot to bring new food to the area,” Eric Demby, the co-founder of Smorgasburg, said.

Smorgasburg/Brooklyn Flea was chosen because of their reputation for being diverse when it comes to the food and environment.

“We run these markets in Brooklyn,” Demby said. “People come from all over the world. Our operators and vendors are interested in is seeing how things work in an area where we are not as known.”

Prior to Smorgasbar’s, the main sources of food came from snack bars and concessions. Smorgasbar was built to provide more options, along with a new restaurant to replace the main snack bar at field four. More food venues are expected to come or have arrived already, such as Red Mango.

“It’s great to have some variety,” said Sharon Butler, 42, of Hicksville. “This is not your usual beach food.”

“We used to always go to Tobay Beach, but we’ve been coming here a bit more, lately,” Dave Butler, 42, also of Hicksville, added.

The couple said they’re excited for future Jones Beach improvements.

“It’s new, it gives people a chance to try something different,” says Rob Powell, 22, of Hempstead.

Powell is a vendor at Smorgasbar and said his favorite part of vending at Jones Beach is being able to interact with the interesting people the beach attracts.

Aside from the food, visitors spoke about enjoying the atmosphere Smorgasbar offers.

“You mean I can come here, sit back on a couch, relax and drink a beer? That’s awesome!” said Terry Romano, 49, of Mineola.

Smorgasbar is open everyday from 12-9 p.m.