Oceanside, Island Park surveying damage from Sandy

Thousands without power, many roads impassable


As the flood waters begin to recede and people come out to survey the damage, those who fled the area are desperate for answers and word from family members they can’t contact.

Debris litters the streets: tree limbs and entire trees, singles and entire roofs, windows, boats, power lines and more. Areas of Oceanside and Island Park are still completely cut off. People dread the next high tide.

“Just got back from driving through IP,” resident Carl Judd wrote on Facebook. “Very eerie and depressing. Boats, docks and cars all over main roads in Barnum Isle and some of Harbor Isle.”

Island Park residents are turning to Facebook to find out about the homes they evacuated from and family members who decided to stay. The posts have been coming in a steady stream since last night.

“How is long beach road doing? I have family there, haven't heard from them all day.”

“Any news re: Carolina Ave? I am concerned about my mother.”

“Can't contact my parents on island parkway west in harbor isle. So nervous.”

“My parents are stranded. No contact with them since last night at 8 p.m. Water was flooding their 1st floor and they are on a hill. Extremely worried about them. Any info would help.”

Power is down for most of Oceanside and Island Park, leaving residents in the dark and cut off from information.

The Island Park Fire Department is conducting a block-by-block search and rescue, looking for any stranded residents.

The Herald will update today as we get more information.