Rockville Centre Person of the Year 2011: Drew Bogner

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In his time away from the college, Bogner enjoys traveling with his wife to culturally inspiring places like Vienna, Ireland and Hawaii. At home he works on two model railroads, one in his garden and the other in his basement.

The Bogners’ son, Ryan, is working on an MFA in theater production at Columbia, and their daughter, Lindsay, is working on a doctorate in English literature at the University of Maryland.

Their father’s air of professionalism, and his pleasant, calm demeanor, no matter the situation, can likely be traced not only to his Midwestern roots, but also to his preparedness. “This is a trademark of Drew’s leadership,” said Diane Fornieri, his assistant. “He’s always thinking ahead, and always has a plan B, C or as far-reaching as Z. He looks at detours as roads to new opportunities. Always the optimist, Drew sets a positive tone.”

Karen Bogner describes her husband as “caring, considerate and genuine.” “He’s a very visible and accessible president to the students and faculty of Molloy, and he really cares about what he does and who he works with,” Karen said. “He is, most importantly, someone who never loses sight of who he is or what is significant or meaningful in life.”

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