Rockville Centre trying to keep up with storm


The Village of Rockville Centre has a challenging day ahead of it due to the snowstorm currently battering the East Coast.

According to Village Administrator Keith Spadaro, the village can’t start plowing until there is three inches of snow in the streets. Because of the rate the snow is falling, it’s accumulating almost faster than they can plow it.

“By the time we had enough to start plowing, it’s just crazy,” Spadaro said.

Salt is also becoming a concern for the village. The village’s salt reserves are running low. “Should have enough salt for this storm, but then we’re going to be very, very low,” Spadaro said.

He added that the village was unable to pre-salt the streets like it usually does for storms because it then may have not had enough snow for when the ice starts to accumulate later in the day.

Once the snow slows and turns to rain, as it is predicted to do do, Spadaro said the village is going to have to shift its focus from plowing to clearing drains to make sure the water has a place to go.

But on the brighter side, there haven’t been any power outages in the village yet.