South Shore swastika flyover incites anger


Beachgoers were surprised last weekend as a banner featuring a swastika flew over Jones Beach and several others throughout the South Shore of Long Island.

The banner features a math equation, with a swastika plus a peace symbol equaling a heart. It then sent people to

According to the website, the word swastika comes from the Sanskrit svastika. Su means “well”, and asti means “to be”, so swastika means “to be well,” the site reads.

Visitors of the beaches didn’t completely agree.

“We were at Jones Beach and all of a sudden I heard my daughter say “is that a swastika?” Barbara price said. “It flew over several times. That should not have been allowed.”

Jill Froeder Monaghan said [the swastika] had a positive meaning before Hitler got a hold of it.

“Some are trying to change it back,” she said. “I don’t think it will ever be looked at the same. They should let it go and put their money into something more meaningful.”

Not everyone was against the swastika display.

“I see no issue in trying to right a wrong and educate people as to its true meaning, which is peace—a daunting task at best,” Gary Rogers said. “It does not offend me. Some cultures may still use it for its true meaning.”