Veterans: Share your stories

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Veterans are asked to stop by the East Rockaway Public Library to make an appointment and fill-out the required paperwork with one of the librarians. After an appointment is made, student volunteers from East Rockaway Junior/Senior High School will then record a conversation about veterans’ military service and memories in addition to sharing their collection of historical documents.

Copies of the interviews will not only be sent to the Library of Congress, but the East Rockaway Public Library will retain a copy for posterity. Another copy will be given to the veteran to use in their own family history.

“I can’t encourage members of the Legion and other veterans enough to take part in this project,” said Commander John Johnson of American Legion Post No. 958. “These first-person accounts will help us preserve our history and part of your life for generations to come.”

“I’m excited that this national project has come to East Rockaway, thanks to the work of our library and Mayor Lenahan,” said Commander Pete Vitulli of Robert F. Garrison Post No. 3350 of Veterans of Foreign War. “Preserving our experiences and memories for posterity will honor our nation’s history and every soldier’s service and sacrifice this Veterans Day by sharing and collecting our oral histories.”

For more information on the Library of Congress Veterans Legacy Project, contact the East Rockaway Public Library at (516) 599-1664 or stop in to participate in the project. The library is located at 477 Atlantic Avenue.

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