Letter to the Editor

Vote Rosano for Commissioner


With Election Day behind us, attention should now turn to the special district election for Oceanside fire commissioner.

Many residents are unaware that this election is public and that they may, and should, exercise their right to vote for commissioner of the Oceanside Fire District. The position comes with the responsibility of handling the existing $5.1 million taxpayer-funded budget. The actions of the Board of Fire Commissioners determine how these funds are used and whether your taxes are increased in the future.

The Board of Fire Commissioners consists of five publicly elected commissioners who each serve a term of five years, with one position expiring each year. The position of fire commissioner is an unpaid position. The only compensation comes from a job well done, a willingness to serve your community and safeguard the financial viability of such a large fire district.

It takes a certain type of person who will selflessly devote himself to these pursuits and work very hard to be the voice for the community. That person is Biagio Rosano.

Biagio is a certified fraud examiner who practices forensic accounting for large Fortune 500 companies. It is in our best interest to put on the board a member with the business acumen and accounting experience of Biagio Rosano. I certainly would like to see this happily married father of two, who has been a volunteer firefighter for the last six years and an assistant coach in the Oceanside Little League, protect me from wasteful spending in our government. I urge Oceanside residents to get out and vote in this special district election. Vote for the candidate that would best serve the interest of the taxpayers — Biagio Rosano. The elections will be held on Tuesday, Dec. 14 from 3 to 9 p.m. at the Fire District/Department Headquarters, 65 Foxhurst Road. Don’t sit idly by watching your taxes increase when you can do something about it. Vote.

Douglas DiCeglio


Former fire commissioner