Celebrating ‘special someones’ at Harbor School


May 5 was a special day at Seaford Harbor Elementary School. 

First-graders and kindergarten students invited family members, relatives and friends to Special Someone Day, an event designed to celebrate the adults in students’ lives who mean the most to them.

The Student Decision Making Committee, which consists of parents and teachers in the school, sponsors the annual event to help get the children excited about those closest to them. Manor Elementary School students will also celebrate Special Someone Day on May 12.

“They thought that this would be a nice day for students to highlight someone special in their life or someone they don’t get to see very often, whether it’s parents, siblings or relatives,” Lisa Breuer, a first-grade teacher, said. “I love watching them get so excited, especially in the morning, when they know that their special someone is coming.”

Four classes of first grade students greeted their special guests in the auditorium to participate in a craft and read aloud. Kindergarten students met with their special guests in the afternoon.