That’s The Way Things Are

It’s Always About a Girl


The Giants are Super Bowl champions again!

Great game, great win…

The same was true a couple of weeks ago when they won the NFC Championship. I watched that game with a bunch of friends at a Kodiak’s in Farmingdale, and the place was packed. Everyone was clearly having a great time and enjoying the game and having fun spending time with friends…

And then, the you-know-what hit the fan…

In the middle of the third quarter, we heard the sound of a glass breaking and yelling from the other side of the bar. Our eyes found the beginnings of a fight that had just broken out, and fists flying.

A fight… at a bar… during a football game. How cliché.

Cliché or not, however, it is what happened. It took about a half a dozen staff members from the bar to eventually separate the two guys. Luckily, after being separated, they dropped it and it was done and over with.

Well, one of the two guys dropped it and was done, anyway. The other gentleman, well, not so much…

After both were ejected from the bar by some of the larger waiters — who locked the side glass door behind them — one of them proceeded to punch that door over and over again until it broke. When the police arrived shortly after (you had to know that cops were going to enter the equation here sooner or later), the story of what had caused the fight finally made its way around the bar.

And this is the part that really pisses me off…

As it turns out, the guy who just wouldn’t let it go was at the bar with his sister, his girlfriend, and his buddy.

The story was that the guy who threw that first punch had been slapping around his girlfriend, and his buddy tried to get him to stop.

Apparently that effort wasn’t appreciated.

Obviously, a few ridiculous things are in play here, from the fight itself, to breaking the door, to not letting it go. But what aggravates me the most, of course, is that the catalyst for the brouhaha was that someone actually thought slapping around his girlfriend, slapping around a woman, was all right.

Why? Simply because she’s smaller? Or saying something he didn’t like? Or doing something he didn’t like? A guy who is supposed to be old enough and mature enough to understand that adults don’t settle their disagreements and differences with fisticuffs, but rather with words, clearly didn’t get that memo.

Maybe one day he’ll cross paths with another guy, who doesn’t like something HE says or does, and that guy will take the same tack with him to settle their differences…

Hopefully, most of you out there will concur with this perspective, but it is totally beyond me how anyone can find it acceptable behavior to hit a woman. I don’t understand how someone can find it appropriate to hit anyone, but especially a woman.

And for this guy to have the nerve to hit someone, his friend, because he tried to stop him from doing so, and, frankly, to stop him from being an ass and making himself look bad, certainly speaks to the man’s lack of character.

And in this case, I use the term “man” very loosely…

“An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind .”– Mahatma Gandhi

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