Lindenhurst man arrested in Oceanside, charged with public lewdness


A Lindenhurst man was arrested by the Nassau County Police Department on Oct. 13 and charged with public lewdness after he allegedly exposed himself to a young woman.

According to the NCPD, Brian McBride, 41, began looking and pointing at a 23-year-old woman while she was getting into her car in a parking lot on Long Beach Road. The woman then drove to a different parking lot on the same road, and McBride followed her there. According to a release from the NCPD, McBride approached the driver’s side door of her car and began to make lewd gestures and exposed himself to her.

After a police investigation, McBride was arrested near the parking lot. He was charged with fourth-degree stalking and public lewdness. He was arraigned on Oct. 14 at First District Court, in Hempstead.