School Election 2018 (updated):

Lynbrook School District's $85.2 million 2018-19 budget approved by voters

Voters say 'yes' to all propositions, re-elect 3 board members


Lynbrook School District residents on May 15 voted to approve the $85.2 million 2018-19 budget by 68 percent, with 767 "yes" votes to 359 "no" selections.

"We are grateful to our residents for supporting the 2018-19 budget," Superintendent Dr. Melissa Burak said. "The passage of the budget allows our district to continue offering our students a well-rounded education in a safe and supportive learning environment. It is through our strong school-community partnership that Lynbrook's students continue to excel in all areas of academics, the arts and athletics."

Board of Education Vice President Lesli Deninno (828 votes), Secretary Robert Paskoff (809) and Trustee David Yaker (793) each ran unopposed to retain their seats. Paskoff has served on the board since 2006, while Deninno and Yaker have been members since 2015.

Voters also approved Propositions 2 through 4.

Proposition 2, which authorized the district to spend $502,700 to replace some older devices and install a walkie-talkie system at the high school that will enable administrators to communicate with one another, was approved, 838 to 277. It will also enable the Lynbrook Police Department to listen in on conversations about security.

Proposition 3, which permits officials to spend $1.7 million to renovate bathrooms and locker rooms, replace the doors at South Middle School and install an elevator at Waverly Park Elementary School, was approved 824 to 301.

Proposition 4, which enabled the district to create another reserve fund to renovate the buildings’ grounds, was approved 777 to 346.